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Haroon and Sharoon Leo (born July 27, 1993), professionally known as Leo Twins, are Pakistani musicians and multi-instrumentalists. Leo Twins started their career in popular TV show Nescafé Basement. The twin brothers have been a regular part of the house band.

Sharoon, the elder brother, plays violin and cello while Haroon plays more than 10 instruments including guitar, rubab, tabla, piano, cajon, ukulele, mandolin, darbuka, and other percussion instruments. Leo Twins' version of Diriliş: Ertuğrul soundtrack proved to be an instant hit and gained viewership from all over the world.

The Leo Twins band have a global reach and

their music style combines eastern and western

music which resonates with an audience

worldwide. Over the years the band has collaborated with

several music artists from all around the world

in order to promote art, culture diversity, and

unity through music.

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